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Shoulder groove width design

  • Optimised shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road noise while driving.
  • Groove width variation improves water drainage and maximises wet condition performance

Pitch design

  • An optimal 5 pitch tread design reduces noise.

New silica compound application

  • Rolling resistance is lowered through use of an advanced silica tread compound for improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

Optimal sipe design technology

  • Advanced tread block and sipe designs are incorporated for improved traction and comfort.

Vibration & noise technology

  • Unwanted noise and vibration are reduced by optimising the tyre’s contact with the road surface.

VAI system

  • A Visual Alignment Indicator system allows drivers to check vehicle alignment by comparing tyre’s interior and exterior wear condition easily.

Optimal 4-grooves

  • An optimal 4 groove design improves wet condition braking and traction performance.

Available Sizes

Kinergy EX
165/80 R 13165/60 R 14175/70 R 13185/60 R 14185/70 R 13175/65 R 15165/65 R 13185/65 R 15175/70 R 14195/65 R 15185/70 R 14205/65 R 15195/70 R 14185/60 R 15165/65 R 14195/60 R 15175/65 R 14185/55 R 15185/65 R 14195/55 R 15


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